About Us

ABP Modular Furniture Private Limited

Modular Furniture deal primarily in high quality seating for commercial & residential spaces, All our seating are manufactured at IMT Manesar. We also manufacture corporate desking, storage & workstation systems on order. These systems can be designed and customized as par client requirement. Today, the ABP Modular Furniture is responsible for manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution for a select group of office seating products that are manufactured and sold in all over India.

arniture is committed to the highest standardof quality, accountability and service. The company's product line of office seating is chosen based on excellence in desing, durability and ergonomic efficiency. The company"s diversified distribution channels ensure that no matter how large the order or remote the location, you will experience the fastest and efficient order fulfillment in the industry.

The ABP Modular Furniture focuses on a large number of retail customers in order to provide customized solutions that complately meet their needs. At present ABP Modular Furniture is one of the most seccessful manufacturing marketing and distributioncompany in India.